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Hanioti Halkidiki Kassandra holidays GreeceOften called Chalkidiki, the Greek prefecture of Halkidiki peninsula, Halkidiki is in the historic center of the southern region of Macedonia. It is situated at 60 km southeast of Thessaloniki port (Thessaloniki), between the Strimonikos and Thermaikos bays. The largest cities in Halkidiki are Nea Moudania, Nea Kallikrateia and prefecture capital, Polygyros and most densely populated settlements are Moudania, Kallikrateia, Polygyros and Kassandra.

Halkidiki has about 300 square kilometers and consists of three famous peninsulas that stretch like fingers into the Aegean Sea or, as locals say, like feet. Kassandra peninsula is in the west (or Loggia), the middle Sithonia and Athos is located to the east. Each peninsula has its own culture and history.

The Kassandra Peninsula is one of the most famous areas of Halkidiki. It is developed specifically for travel, with very well organized facilities, luxury hotels and entertainment centers. The beaches have golden sand and pine forests.
Kassandra Peninsula destinations include: Agia Paraskevi, Athytos (Afitos) Fourka, Glarokavos, Hanioti (Chaniotis) Kalandra, Kallithea, Kassandra, Kassandrino, Kryopigi, Pallini, Pefkohori, Posidi (Possidi) Polichrono (Polyhrono) Potidea, Paliouri , Loutra, Mola Kalivara, Nea Moudania, Nea Phokea (Fokea), Nea Skioni, Sani, Siviri.

Hanioti is a small and very picturesque town in Halkidiki. It is situated at only 50 minutes from Thessaloniki, the capital of Northern Greece. Each tourist will be captivated by this beautiful paradise, which was designed to meet even the most demanding tourist and provides a relaxing and memorable stay. Here tourists have all the facilities necessary for a vacation, dine at many restaurants and traditional taverns and night in bars and clubs with music for all tastes.

Adventurous tourists will have the chance to explore the little town and its surroundings by renting a car or a motorcycle. During the day they can spend time on the beach and try one of the many water sports, buy fresh fruit from the markets and relax in the most picturesque parks.

In Hanioti the beach and bathing season usually starts in early May and ends in late October. During winter only a few hotels remain open for tourists. Most restaurants and taverns are closed in winter. During summer the anual average temperature is 30 degrees celsius and the anual average water temperature is around 22 degrees celsius.

There are a lot of luxury hotels in this resort, like Olympic Kosmas hotel, or Aristotelis Beach hotel, Village Mare hotel or Sun hotel. Each hotel offers great accommodation and facilities for tourists that come here from all over the world. Almost each hotel has a swimming pool and offers breakfast or half board.

The beaches with their white sand, the blue Aegean Sea, the panoramic view from the hills are just a fiew of the things that attract people to this resort. The nightlife is also incredible and diverse in fun activities. Don't forget the aquatic sports and cycling through the pine forests.

The number of tourists rises in the peak summer months not only due to the vast numbers of British and Scandinvian visitors but also because of its popularity with Greeks who come for the beach as this beach has a famous golden sand.

The main street is situated at the end of the resort and therefore much of the centre of the reosrt is free from heavy traffic making it ideal for families.

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